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DJI M300 RTK with DJI Zenmuse H20T shot from below during flight.


Flight Preparation, Execution and Completion.

Proper operational preparation is essential for the safety and quality of your project. You are dealing with various authorities and government bodies and in some cases have to register your flights. Also, you are busy talking to your customer to identify the requirements of the products you supply. 

Vortex Technology Services will take full responsibility for the operational preparation, execution and completion of your project. In consultation with you we will discuss a plan of action in which we take the following factors into account:

- Required certification, equipment and training

- Location

- Airspace

- Environmental factors

- Data management and processing

- Operational documentation

- Risk management


Map with drone no-fly zones in the Port of Rotterdam

Pilot (Pilot in Command)

​The Pilot in Command (PIC) is responsible for the safe conduct of the entire operation at all times. Therefore, it is important to put a trusted, representative and experienced person in charge of your project. After all, it is your business card to the customer and authorities. Vortex Technology Services provides PICs for your organization to support and/or expand your workforce.

We are happy to work on your behalf and work according to your protocols and procedures. If desired, we will work in your corporate apparel and according to your behavioural requirements. We are the extension of your organization. 


Our pilots work according to the highest standards for working with unmanned aircraft in high-risk locations such as port and industrial areas, urban areas and controlled airspace (CTR). Our pilots are at least in possession of an RPA-L license, LAPL medical examination and a VCA VOL certificate.

RT Operator

For flights within civil CTR (Control Zone) areas it is required to maintain two-way radio contact with the appropriate air traffic control (LVNL). This communication may only be conducted by a licensed pilot with the RT (Radio Telephony) addition on his/her license. Also, a GoDrone mission must be created and an FPL (Flightplan) must be submitted. We arrange the preparations, personnel and equipment for your projects within the CTR areas. 


ICOM RT set for communmication with the Air Traffic Services close up shot.
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