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The Swiss company Flyability develops drones and peripherals that enable flights in high-risk, hazardous and confined spaces. Flyability has been a market leader in the field of indoor inspection drones for years and, with the arrival of the Elios 1, and later the Elios 2, has introduced a platform to the market that takes drone operations to the next level.


By allowing drones to be used safely inside cities, inside buildings, and in contact with people, it enables new interactions and services with UAVs and solving the two most critical issues of one of the fastest-growing industries: collision and injury risks.


Flyability's main goal is to minimize the deployment of people in dangerous and hard-to-reach industrial places. By using robotics, the deployment of people exposed to hazards can be reduced to a minimum. This makes work safer and reduces downtime.

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Elios 3 Tech Specs

Elios 3 Flyer

The Flyability Elios 3 is the latest model in the signature Elios range specifically designed for performing inspections in hazardous and confined spaces. Flyability has made great progress in improving the platform and expanding its capabilities. A key difference from the previous versions is the modular design of the Elios 3 which allows for different payloads to be mounted on the platform. The first payload released simultaneously with the Elios 3 is LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), which generates real-time point clouds to determine a position in areas where GNSS is not available. This gives the user an immediate 3D visualization of the object which makes positioning and localization of damages much easier. This is also the first important step towards a higher degree of autonomy, which Flyability calls FlyAware. 

Another important upgrade is the new LED module that produces 16,000 lumens at full power. This eliminates the need for external lighting and allows the Elios 3 to be easily deployed in places that are dangerous or difficult for people to reach. 

The camera module has also undergone a transformation. Unlike previous versions, the protective cage now no longer gets in the way during your inspection and you have 180 degrees of unobstructed view. 

The Elios range has become a lot "smarter" since the arrival of the Elios 3. Since the introduction of the Elios 3, Flyability has released FlyAware. By using a combination of computer vision (NVidia graphic engine) and SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) LIDAR it is very easy to fly the Flyability Elios 3 in the most complex environments. You will be operational with the Elios 3 (without any experience in flying drones) in just one day. We assure you of that. Contact us for a demo and try it yourself.

Elios 2 product picture front

The Flyability Elios 2 a unique indoor inspection drone for performing visual inspections in hard-to-reach areas. The Elios 2 is specifically designed to be deployed in confined and hazardous areas without the need for people to enter the space. 

The Elios 2 is equipped with:
- A protective cage (400 mm) making the Elios 2 collision tolerant
- Powerful, switchable lighting (10,000 lumens) making external lighting unnecessary
- 4K RGB camera and 160x120 pixel infrared camera
- Sensors to maintain position in places where there is no GPS
- Live Full-HD video link for direct display of the camera on the drone

Flyability range extender product picture

Range Extender

An important aspect for inspections in confined and complex spaces is the signal for control and data transmission. To ensure that your connection to the drone remains secure and complete, Flyability has released the Range Extender. The Range Extender has an extended antenna with a 20-meter cable and a built-in module to amplify the signal. This allows you to safely conduct inspections in confined spaces that consist of signal-isolating material including concrete and stone.



Flyability Inspector

With the Flyability Inspector software you can combine, view and analyze data from the Elios 2. With the software you can combine the data from the infrared camera with the RGB camera, and you can easily find or add POI's (Points Of Interest). You can also use the Inspector software to, among other things:

- Export video frames to snapshots (e.g. for processing into Point Cloud)

- Automatically export POIs in a report template.

- View the orientation and direction of the camera

Flyability Inspector 3.0

The Flyability Inspector 3.0 is an extension of the free Flyability Inspector software. The Inspector 3.0 software has integrated possibilities to convert your data to a Point Cloud. From this Point Cloud you can determine the position of POIs very accurately and simplify the reporting of your data. You can also view the Point Cloud and the position of the drone simultaneously with the camera image. This gives you an immediate overview of the object and you know exactly where damage and defects are located.



Are you curious about the possibilities of the Elios 2 within your asset? You can rely on Vortex Technology Services to give you an immediate practical overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the Flyability products within your operations or at your location. We take care of the whole demo from A to Z and take you through the workflow to deploy the Elios 2 safely and efficiently. The data collected during the demo is your property and can be used for further analysis or reporting.

Contact us for a demo!


It is a legal requirement for everyone to know how to use tools for different jobs. This is no different for Flyability products. Vortex Technology Services is a Flyability Authorized Training Center and trains your staff on the do's and don'ts for flights with the Elios 2. By means of both theoretical and practical training we make your personnel familiar with the Elios 2 and Range Extender within 1 day. 

During the training the following points are covered:

- (Technical) specifications

- Preparation of the unit

- Operation of the Elios 2 

- Points of attention of different assets or locations

- Practical tips from experienced pilots

- Processing and analysis of data

- (Small) maintenance and repair

- Use of the Range Extender

After successful completion of the Introductory Training, your personnel can safely use Flyability products on the road and your warranty will be activated in case of damage due to technical problems. 


Please contact us to schedule an Introductory Training.

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