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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced inspectie telefoonmast


Vortex Technology Services offers consultancy and support for the professional use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). Through our years of experience and expertise, we help companies and organizations with a streamlined and safe implementation of drones within their field of expertise and, in consultation with you, find the best solution to your problem. 


Vortex Technology Services has the necessary experience and certifications to operate flights in all EU member states including Norway, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland.

Safety is our highest priority. Our specialists know the risks for the deployment of drones inside, for example, industrial and port areas, and work with you to identify measures to make the risks acceptable. Together we work on a safe working environment both in the air and on the ground.

Vortex Technology Services offers include:

- Full implementation of drones within your organization

- Advice on legislation and regulations

- Technical advice

- Support and advice on operational planning

- Risk management

- Technical inspection of equipment

- Crew services (pilot, RT, payload operator)

- Independent research and reporting

- Training and education


​Vortex Technology Services has a test and training site located in Heinenoord. This excellent accessible private site (A29 exit Oud-Beijerland) has all the facilities to safely carry out tests and training with unmanned aircraft. 

When you plan to use the location for the first time, we will give you a 1-hour instruction on the location and airspace, (emergency) procedures and facilities. 

Aircraft without S-BvL or experimental

Flights may be conducted on site with aircraft that do not hold an S-BvL (Special Certificate of Airworthiness). Additional procedures are required for these operations. If you wish to use experimental aircraft or aircraft without an S-BvL, please contact us in advance. 


The location is equipped with:

- Meeting room/workshop

- Space for charging stations and peripherals

- Sanitary facilities

- Fire extinguishers

- First aid kits

- Work lighting

- Barriers

- Professional weather station

- Windsock

- Radio telephony set

Flightbox of the Vortex test- and training center in Google Earth


Class G airspace

- GLV X (Military low flying area GND - 150 ft)

- EHRD CTR at approximately 900 meters from the site


Test and training field

- Approximately 110 x 100 meters

- Maximum height 120 meters AGL

- Maximum distance 500 meters (extension possible)

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