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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with spotlight shot from below during flight


The laws and regulations for the professional use of unmanned aerial vehicles are often perceived as complex. This is an obstacle for some companies or organizations to implement drones within their operations. However, drones can help you make your organization:

- Make it safer

- Reduce operational costs

- Prepare for the future

We provide a safe and legal implementation of drones within your organization. 

Together with you we look at the most appropriate license form for your company, personnel and equipment and continue to support you in all areas. We believe in close customer relationships and understand that our work only really begins when you are operational. For this reason, you can see us as a reliable extension of your company. Together we will make progress.





National laws and regulations

The highest level of licensing for organizations in the Netherlands is the RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC). The ROC is granted to an organization when a strict set of requirements is met and it provides the most operational capabilities. However, the lead times are long and the costs relatively high. Vortex Technology Services helps you to get an overview of the impact on your organization and offers various services to get you operational as soon as possible. 

EU Legislation

As of January 1, 2022, any flight with drones will be covered by European legislation. This means that your organization, personnel and equipment must comply with new requirements and standards. Which requirements apply to you depends mainly on the category in which your operation falls. There are 3 categories:

- Open (low risk, limited operational capabilities)

- Specific (high risk, many operational possibilities)

- Certified (very high risk, manned aviation standards)


Together with you, we look for the best category for your organization. We draw up a step-by-step plan and provide an overview of the costs, required training and certifications and we give advice on the most suitable category for your organization.



Drone swarm long exposure shot of the drones in starting position before a lightshow
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