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DJI Zenmuse H20T mounted on the DJI M300 RTK close up shot


Training, knowledge and experience are important factors for your personnel. This is especially true for pilots so that they can build and maintain good airmanship. 


Vortex Technology Services offers a variety of courses and training to keep your staff up to date with the latest requirements.

Product training

​It is critical to the quality and safety of your operations that your personnel know the equipment well. As the complexity of drones and peripheral equipment rapidly increases, so does the complexity of their use.  Vortex Technology Services' specialists train your personnel on all the ins and outs of the equipment. What safety features are there and how are they activated? How should my camera or sensor be set up to gather good data? In what weather conditions can I use my equipment? We will answer all your questions and provide you with the latest information.

On-Site Training

Each scenario and/or location requires a different approach. Vortex Technology Services offers on-site training to prepare your personnel for complex operations. We cover every aspect from preparation to completion, providing practical tips and insights at a location of your choosing.

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